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An all-natural supplement designed to support immune function, lung health, and athletic performance.


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60 Capsules • 30 Day Supply • Dietary Supplement

All natural*
Potent antioxidant*
Promotes immune health*
Quick release capsules*
Supports healthy breathing*

Immunity means longevity.

Years of research and development went into creating a supplement that promotes immunity and a healthy lifestyle while supporting respiratory performance.

“The difference is immense. My body and lungs feel stronger.”

- Felicia L, BetterLungs customer

Immunity means longevity.

Years of research and development went into creating a supplement that promotes immunity and a healthy lifestyle while supporting respiratory performance.

Formulated from ingredients traditionally used to:

Support respiratory health*

Promote healthy immune response*

Preserve stamina*

Aid performance*

Support healthy airflow*

I’m 57, an ex- smoker with chronic bronchitis and asthma. After using BetterLungs a couple weeks I’ve been able to reduce use of my nebulizer and rescue inhaler.

- Laura Riley | BetterLungs Customer

I travel a lot for work and cant risk getting sick. This stuff has helped a lot since I started taking it!

- Sabrina B. | BetterLungs Customer

What's inside

8 All-natural Ingredients

All-natural • Sugar-free • FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients • Made in a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) Facility

American Ginseng

What is it?

Herb native to North America commonly used in traditional medicine

Why it's used

Adaptogenic properties that may support resistance to environmental stressor and aids athletic performance



What is it?

Evergreen tree native to Australia

Why it's used

Supports healthy airways


French Maritime Pine Bark

What is it?

Trees grown in Landes de Gascogne in southwest France

Why it's used

Aids athletic performance


Red Reishi Mushroom

What is it?

Mushroom used medicinally in China and Japan

Why it's used

Promotes immune function, supports healthy lung inflammation defense


White Horehound

What is it?

Flowering mint plant, native to Europe, northern Africa, and Asia

Why it's used

Supports healthy lung inflammation defense, supports healthy airways


Vitamin D

What is it?

Necessary vitamin produced in response to sun exposure

Why it's used

Supports healthy immune function, supports resistance to air pollution


N-Acetyl Cysteine

What is it?

Amino acid derivative and potent antioxidant

Why it's used

Supports a healthy immune response, supports respiratory health


Osha Root

What is it?

Herb native to the Rocky Mountains, northern Mexico, and the American southwest

Why it's used

Supports open airways, traditional herbal remedy for respiratory ailments

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People love BetterLungs

Don't just take our word for it.

How it works

Take 2 capsules, enjoy peace of mind.

By taking two capsules a day, you're passively promoting healthy airflow as well as supporting your respiratory and immune systems. It's common advice to take a deep breath to feel better, but what if every breath felt like a deep breath?

"It made city air feel like mountain air. I get less allergies and colds too!"

- Alex A, BetterLungs customer


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Will this help someone with one of these ailments: Bronchitis, COPD, asthma, upper respiratory infections?
Are the ingredients all natural?
Can I take this for extended periods of time?
Does this help my lungs if I vape or smoke?
How does this help my lungs?

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