6 Reasons Why Nootropic Supplements are the Future

“Smart pills”, also called “cognitive enhancers” and “nootropics”, assist with both energy and productivity by helping your brain produce the things it needs to be more focused, energized, and clear-headed.

May 1, 2020

Among 18-34 year-olds, energy supplements have doubled in use over the last seven years, and individuals’ interest in productivity improvement has been growing across all age groups.

“Smart pills”, also called “cognitive enhancers” and “nootropics”, assist with both energy and productivity by helping your brain produce the things it needs to be more focused, energized, and clear-headed.

Smart pills are gaining mainstream appeal year after year, here are some reasons why:

1. Work is more mental now.

Jobs requiring mentally-demanding tools (machinery, smartphones, etc.) are increasing as opposed to ones that require physically demanding tools (shovel, hammer, etc.). Cognitive enhancing supplements help people in these occupations work longer and improve their work as we enter an increasingly mentally burdensome world.

2. Jobs and schools are becoming increasingly competitive.

A global economy means global competition, and the internet accelerates this competition with the consistent rise of outsourced and remote work. When your employment and academic competition goes from local to global, individuals need to get whatever edge they can. Many are getting that edge via cognitive enhancing supplements. Also, more competition means more stress. As work-related stress has been on the rise, people are using cognitive supplements to improve their mood and deal with increased mental demand.

3. Cognitive supplements can help with memory.

Where was that spreadsheet? What was that new hire’s name? When was today’s meeting? The more your job requires brainpower, the more it’s going to rely on your memory. Everyone benefits from a better memory, and certain nootropic ingredients have been found to improve general recall.

4. People now realize how unhealthy energy drinks and prescribed focus medications are.

Pretty much everyone understands the health problems associated with the overconsumption of energy drinks as well as the long-term effects of prescribed medications for focus (e.g. Adderall). Over-the-counter cognitive supplements are seen as a healthier alternative to sugary drinks and amphetamine-based medication.

5. Cognitive enhancers can be cheaper than coffee.

The average American spends about $3 a day on coffee, which totals to be over $1000 a year, and coffee can only go so far. Drinking a little too much makes you jittery and anxious, which kills your mental effectiveness and is counterintuitive to why you were drinking coffee in the first place. A correctly formulated nootropic gives you a sustained energy boost without the overstimulation, jitters, and crash. As more people become aware of nootropics and their benefits, as well as the hidden cost of coffee, they make the more cost-effective, balanced switch. 

6. Who wouldn’t want to be more cognitively effective?

You need your brain for everything. Whether you’re working, doing something creative, or going out on the town, you’re going to be using your brain the whole time. Why not make it a better one? Nootropics, depending on the formula, improve memory, creativity, energy levels, mood, and even motivation, so no wonder people are taking them as often as their daily vitamin.

We took all of these points into consideration when making our nootropic formula, and made sure only the most essential ingredients (just six) were included so it only takes one capsule to get clear-headed, energized, and focused:

Stress-free productivity
Alpha GPC
Thought fuel
Huperzine A
Focus & action
Fast acting brain fuel
Smooth, sustained energy
Raw energy